1. Once Baba Nand Singh Ji visited a Gurudwara in a village. Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji’s parkash was done in the open and the “palkan” were covered with sand and Guru Sahib’s pages (angs) were also covered with sand. Baba Ji was greatly upset at this. He at once called Granthi Singh and scolded him and said, “If I put sand in your eyes, then how would you feel?” Then Baba Ji himself took a clean rumala and removed all the sand from the pages (angs) himself. Baba Ji always said, “These are not the letters but eyes of Guru Nanak.” And the palkan are the eye lids of Guru Nanak’s eyes.  Where ever Baba Ji went, the first thing he did was to see how Guru Granth Sahib was being maintained. Once a sardar ji visited Bhai Sahib Bhai Dr. Veer Singh Ji and asked him, “How to do the seva of SAHIB SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI?” Bhai Sahib Bhai Veer Singh Ji told him to go to NANAKSAR and see it yourself.


  3. Whenever Sant Baba Wadhada Singh Ji of Lehra, wanted Baba Ji to visit him, he would ask a savadar to write a letter to him. When Baba Nand Singh Ji came to Lehra on receiving the letter, he brought various food items with him. This happened many times. Baba Nand Singh Ji asked Sant Wadhada Singh Ji that instead of sending a letter, he should simply pray in front of Guru Granth Sahib and he will come.

  4. Baba Nand Singh Ji was very straightforward.  For example, once a superintendent of police came before Baba Ji and began to ask very difficult questions about spiritualism. Baba Ji at once said “You are asking such questions, as if you have passed the highest examination of spiritualism, but you are simply in the kindergarten class."

  5. A follower of Baba Ji named Bhai Karam Singh lived in a town of Jhang (Pakistan). His son’s name was Attar Singh. They were poor, but very faithful devotees of Baba Ji. They did the sangat of Baba Ji. Baba Nand Singh Ji called them “SAMAN MOOSAN” with love.  Once they decided to go for the darshan of Baba Ji. They left home with stale tandoori parshadas and pickle of mangoes for their own eating at the shrine, because they wanted their own food to be taken there. Upon entering the shrine, they hid their food in the thorny fence outside. Baba Ji came to that side. He sent SAMAN MOOSAN to one side and came to the spot, where the food was hidden. He opened the packet of food and began to eat it. In the meantime, the father and son came there and were astonished to see Baba Ji eating stale parshadas. They folded their hands and requested Baba Ji not to eat these, because these are stale. Baba Ji replied “I have excellent taste in these, as these have a lot of love and affection in these.”

  6. Once Baba Nand Singh Ji was staying at Karol Tibba. Sir Datar Singh Ji came there and requested Baba Ji to allow him to spend the night there. Baba Ji simply smiled, “We are hanging topsy turvy. You may also do the same. There is no room to take rest, go to that tent.”

  7. Example of a fish

  • A fish lives in water. It can not sustain without water. It keeps its mouth out of water and again dives into water. In the same way a Sant remains engrossed in Naam, he talks to the worldly people and feel suffocated like a fish and again dives deep into meditation.  He doesn’t waste his time in useless talk.

  1. Baba Ji’s style of living:

  • Baba Nand Singh Ji used to carry an earthen pot with  him. He took food in that bowl and carried an iron jug to be used for water. But later due to the insistence of his devotees, he began to use crockery and glasses. Once upon a time Baba Nand Singh Ji stopped at the palatial residence of Sir Sundar Singh Ji Majithia, who offered tea in a gold cup. But Baba Nand Singh Ji said, “No, these are meant for rich people and took out his earthen cup and took tea in that.” Similarly Maharaja Yadvinder Singh of Patiala came to Nanaksar to have darshan of Baba Nand Singh Ji. He was offered meals on the lid of a utensil. When Maharaja reached back Patiala, he sent fifty one big plates, hundred and one cups and  hundred and one spoons all made of silver and baskets of fruits and sweets through Sardar Harchand Singh Ji his minister with the prayer that these should be accepted.  Baba Nand Singh Ji said, “This type of material behoves only a royal palace.” Baba Nand Singh Ji put some sweets into the plates and returned all the things to the Maharaja keeping only one cup and one spoon for offering food to Guru Sahib and thanked him.

  • Baba Nand Singh Ji, wore very tidy and clean clothes. He liked to wear cotton, (khaddar) cloth especially when it was made at home.

  • Baba Nand Singh Ji was particular about physical and environmental cleanliness. He often said that the flowers give out a sweet smell, but it is for a short time. And a drop of perfume gives a lot of more smell than bunch of flowers and it remains there for a long time. Baba Ji made a good use of good perfumes. He said, “For the Holy Scriptures, perfume is very important.” The entire environment of Guru Sahib’s room was scented and sweet smells were all around. The Maharani of Patiala used to bring big bottles of perfumes. Similarly perfumes were sprinkled on the sangat also.

  • Once a S.P. of Ludhiana came to Nanaksar to have darshan of Baba Ji. He was surprised to see the expensive gowns and the ample use of perfumes on Baba Ji. He became suspicious. Baba Ji at once said ,“We take bath to keep ourselves clean. So if cleanliness is essential for the body, it is also important to keep the clothes clean not to impress people, but to go into the presence of Guru Sahib.” For Baba Ji, the use of perfume was a part and parcel of worship.

  • Baba Ji said there were horses, chariots etc. in the past, but now there are cars and airplanes. A family man should cut his coat according to his cloth. A poor man should not feel disappointed on seeing a rich man and a rich man should not feel proud. He should consider it a blessing of Guru Sahib. He liked white clothes all the time. During summer and winter he wore only white cholas. The covers of all the instruments were also white and the palkan were always white.

  1. Method of teaching:

  • Once kavi Ji said, “Once Baba Ji asked him to walk ahead of him and when I declined,” Baba Ji said, “When you walk ahead, it is an obedience of order and when you decline, it is disrespect.”

  1. Guru Sahib Seva:

  • Baba Ji often said that one should show the utmost respect to Guru Sahib and the more you respect Guru Sahib the more fruit you will get.

  1. Once a devotee came to Baba Ji and said that he was lucky to have darshan of Guru Nanak Dev Ji in a dream, but Guru Nanak Dev Ji was sleeping at that time. Baba Ji immediately said you are insulting Guru Sahib by saying this. The day Guru Nanak Dev Ji goes to sleep ,the world will be destroyed in a second. Guru Sahib stays awake while the entire world sleeps.

  1. Classes of spiritualism:

  • Baba Ji said, “There are various classes in different schools and colleges. Many types of subjects are taught there. Many types of exams are given to test their knowledge. The grading of these exams are in accordance to the different subjects. Some are worth one hundred points while others are worth five hundred; the percentage needed to pass differs.  All the students are taught equally, but the success of the students depends upon their level of understanding or interest in the subjects and hard work. Some of the students drop at an early stage and lag behind, while the fortunate ones are able to reach the final goal. Sometimes few students join late but surpass the others because of their hard work. Similarly there are classes in spiritualism, where the hard workers will persevere once again.

  1. Obedience:

  • What is meant by obedience? It is complete mental reservation and complete renunciation of egotism.

  1. Once a sadhu tied a precious stone (gem) to a neck of a dog. A selfish man requested the sadhu to give him that gem. The sadhu said at once, “I shall give it to you, if you become like the dog (faithful).”

  1. Hazoori seva of Dhan Dhan Baba Isher Singh Ji:

  • A hazooria is a person who is ever present in front of his master. There were many hazoorias before Dhan Dhan Baba Isher Singh Ji, who got the hazoori seva of Dhan Dhan Baba Nand Singh Ji in 1934 and never went back home. Baba Isher Singh Ji put his heart and soul into the seva of Baba Nand Singh Ji. He did the seva with so much devotion that he left all the other savadars far behind. Baba Nand Singh Ji often said, “A Sikh needs no rest and a beggar should have no pride.” Once at Karol Tibba Baba Nand Singh Ji asked Baba Isher Singh Ji to bring him something to eat at midnight. It was rainy month (sawan) and it was raining in torrents. There was no room for preparing the food. Baba Isher Singh Ji prepared the food sitting under an umbrella. Baba Nand Singh Ji was pleased to have the food and blessed Baba Isher Singh Ji with a lot. Baba Isher Singh Ji was always waiting for the order. All the four eyes were in regular touch with each other. Whenever Baba Nand Singh Ji called, Baba Isher Singh Ji would rush to him taking long steps. He didn’t pay attention to any obstacle in the way. Once his forehead struck against the wall because he wanted to accomplish the task so swiftly.  He felt that the time spent on covering the distance while going and coming back was too much for him.

  • Once Baba Nand Singh Ji suggested that an assistant sevadar may be appointed for his help. But Baba Isher Singh Ji did not agree. Baba Nand Singh Ji said that Baba Isher Singh Ji has crossed two rivers, one of seva and second of naam– he is a highly contented man, who has no desire or pride.

  • Many times Baba Nand Singh Ji said, “This hazooria does seva on his own and does not ask anyone to help him nor does he complain about all the hard work he performs. He doesn’t even point out any personal difficulty and never finds any work to be hard. He is always ready to fulfill the will of the master and he takes special care to look to my comforts. Sometimes his seva is so intense that he can not find time to have even a wink of sleep. He works like a machine tirelessly and he is never ready to give up his duty of seva.” Once a doctor advised Baba Isher Singh Ji to have complete rest for two days and take a particular medicine for two days. He at once said, “I can take the medicine but I can not give up my seva even for a single minute.” In this way Baba Isher Singh Ji ignored his own comforts and his own self. He had no time to wash his chola and often times he would wear it inside out in order to hide the stains. He would also tie his turban hastly because he had no time to spend on himself. It was just like decimating oneself for the sake of seva of the master. He put the teaching of Baba Nand Singh Ji into practice. He always said “yes sir”. The word “No” was not in his dictionary. If Baba Nand Singh Ji reprimanded him, he didn’t mind and if Baba Nand Singh Ji pardoned him it was his greatness. Baba Isher Singh Ji was full of humility and had respect for others. He never extended his hands to ask for anything from anyone. He knew that seva is the abode of Guru. It is obtained through kindness and blessings of the Guru. Seva conquers and overcomes the mind, and then blessings are obtained.

  • A man reaps benefits in proportion to his faith in Guru. The spiritual treasure is like a sarover (pool). The bigger the pipe of faith you have, the greater the flow of water you obtain.  When a person begins to have faith in his own Guru, he is sure to have all the attainments. A man who has his feet in two boats at the time is sure to be drowned.

  1. It is rightly said that a man with no faith is like a man with no father:

  • Baba Nand Singh Ji often said “I am in so much bliss after being submerged in Guru Nanak’s feet.” You should also take refuge in him. You are clinging to so many things, why not cling to one more thing. I don’t ask you to give up anything I only ask you to cling to one more thing, cling to Guru Nanak’s feet and say,” Guru Sahib I am yours.“

  1. Sri Guru Granth Sahib, the true Guru:

  • Baba Nand Singh Ji considered Guru Granth Sahib Ji as the true form of Guru Nanak. That is why he held Guru Granth Sahib Ji in highest esteem right from the beginning. He used to say that if anyone wanted to get something, he should do the seva of Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Baba Ji often said that SAHIB SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB is the only true Guru.

  • A person, who serves Guru Sahib with complete devotion and absolute faith can get everything from Him. That person can achieve great power and becomes a Gurmukh. It is up to you, you can call him a man, a Gurmukh, a saadh, a sant,or a teacher. Whatever you think of him, you will get the fruit according to what your belief is. But that person, who achieves a great spiritual power never compares himself to Guru Sahib. He always thinks himself to be a humble servant of GURU NANAK.

  • GURU NANAK DEV Ji proclaimed himself to be a slave, poor, lowly, ignorant etc., in spite of being himself so superior. A true Sant has the same qualities and is totally devoid of ego. Baba Ji always claimed that he has not become a Sikh yet and is always looking for the dust of the Gursikhs’ feet. He always said that he is not worthy of giving darshan. He told his followers to seek the darshans of GURU NANAK.

  • Many people came to see him to get answers for their questions.  Baba Ji was known to read people’s minds and answer their questions on his own even before they asked the questions. Baba Ji said that the extent of humility shown by GURU SAHIBAN has no comparison at all. Baba Ji himself also showed utmost humility at all times. It was clearly evident from his words and prayers. He always prayed that he likes to remain at the lowest level. He said that he was a “JHAROO BARDAR “ ( SWEEPER ) of GURU NANAK SAHIB’S house.  He always prayed for the dust of the feet of Gursikhs. He said that he is a poor man lying on the threshold of GURU NANAK’s door and wishes that everyone would tread upon his body.