1. The sangat of village Jhorran was requesting Baba Nand Singh Ji to visit the village for some time.  So Baba Nand Singh Ji agreed to come to Jhorran for one day, and the village sangat welcomed Baba Ji with great devotion.  When Baba Ji came near the house of S. Bagga Singh (father of Baba Isher Singh Ji), he stopped for a while and asked to bring the infant (Baba Isher Singh Ji). He looked toward the infant and then proceeded further. This infant was named Inder Singh.

  2. When this infant came to his age, he worked in the fields, did chores around the house, and then attended diwan on a daily basis.  His devotion and love for Baba Nand Singh Ji kept increasing over the years.  Baba Isher Singh Ji had four brothers, who would all go out daily for harvesting crops and would receive their share of ghee daily for doing so.  The four brothers would consume their share, but Inder Singh (Baba Isher Singh Ji) went on saving his share of ghee for making parshad for Baba Nand Singh Ji.  He took the parshad with great respect and presented it to Baba Ji.

  3. As the morning Kirtan was going on, Baba Nand Singh Ji was absorbed in meditation.  He rang the bell and called the hazoori sevadar and asked him to find out who brought the parshad. The Hazoori Sevadar informed Baba Ji that a 14 year old boy named Inder Singh (Baba Isher Singh Ji) had brought the parshad.

  4. Then Baba Nand Singh Ji covered the holy parshad with a cloth and placed it before Sahib Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.  After the bhog ceremony, Baba Nand Singh Ji gave the parshad to Baba Isher Singh Ji and asked him to stay there for some time.  This led Baba Isher Singh Ji’s devotion for Baba Ji to increase infinitely.

  5. When Baba Nand Singh Ji came to Jhorran next time, Baba Isher Singh Ji’s peers suggested to Baba Isher Singh Ji that they should go see Baba Nand Singh Ji and they will get sweets, bhog and parshad.  However, Baba Isher Singh Ji said, “Yaar hoan ge Milan ge aappe, chitt nu thikaane rakhiye.”  This phrase means, if there is the true friend (God), He will come himself, and we should not be impatient.

  1. Baba Bagga Singh Ji (father of Baba Isher Singh Ji) had planted melons in his fields.  In order to save the melons, one person had to always stay overnight in the fields.  Baba Bagga Singh Ji’s youngest son, Baba Isher Singh Ji was protecting the fields and he heard a voice, “You’re lying in the fields, and I’ve come for you.”  Then Baba Isher Singh Ji said to his cousin brother, Bhai Jagir Singh Ji, “Let us go for darshan of Baba Nand Singh Ji.”

  2. Baba Isher Singh Ji had an urge to seek the darshan of Baba Nand Singh Ji. So Baba Isher Singh Ji picked five melons from his fields as parshad and greeted Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj with a matha tekh.  Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj asked the youngster his name, and the young boy replied, Inder Singh.

  3. Once Baba Nand Singh Ji called Bhai Udey Singh, Bhai Sadhu Singh, and Bhai Santa Singh of Jhorran and said to them, “I need a Hazoori sevadar from this village. You see, every person is not fit for this seva.  I need a person who should be very alert, sweet of tongue, God fearing, selfless, quite young, free of any lust or greed, and obedient.”  This hint was about Baba Isher Singh Ji, but they could not understand and replied that they have no idea about such a sevadar. Baba Nand Singh Ji then said, “Time will come and you will come to know.”  Baba Isher Singh Ji was 16 years old at the time and had taken Amrit. He was always busy with the sewa of sangat.  He did farm work during the day time and studied Gurbani and listened to kirtan in the evening.

  4. At that time a big lump (swelling) developed on Baba Isher Singh Ji’s arm, which did not allow him to do any seva and irritated him a lot.  The lump did not get cured and finally he prayed before Baba Ji.  While praying Baba Nand Singh Ji blessed him with his darshan and said to him, “If you want relief, then take permission from your mother and come to Nanaksar for seva.”  Later, Baba Isher Singh Ji narrated the whole incident to his mother, and she at once allowed him to go so that he could get relief.

  5. Baba Isher Singh Ji came to nanaksar and stayed there for six months. Then Baba Nand Singh Ji asked Baba Isher Singh Ji to visit the saint Baba Wadhawa Singh Ji in village Lehra in order to learn Gurbani.  Baba Isher Singh Ji at once agreed and left for the village Lehra for the darshan of Baba Wadhawa Singh Ji.

  6. When Baba Isher Singh Ji came back to Jhorran, Baba Nand Singh Ji said, “You have got the stamp, and now go on with your work.”  After this occurrence, Baba Isher Singh Ji started working in the fields during the day, and at night he would recite Gurbani.

  1. After some time, Baba Nand Singh Ji went to the city of Bathinda during the Pooranmashi of December.  People came from the village Jhorran on foot to visit Baba Ji at Bathinda. There were two young men among the group of many, who traveled by foot, and one of them was Inder Singh (Baba Isher Singh Ji).

  2. Baba Nand Singh Ji came back to Jhorran and asked Baba Isher Singh Ji‘s mother, “How many sons do you have?”  She replied back, “I have five sons.”  Baba Nand Singh Ji asked her to keep four for herself and give one to him. She agreed.

  3. Baba Isher Singh Ji came to Nanaksar with the company of the Jhorran followers.  There, he would wipe the floors with a broom, level the ground with a shovel, water the plants, wash the clothes, fetch the water from the well, and perform many other tasks.  He did sewa with great zeal and was never seen sitting idle when he visited Nanaksar.  While he was performing sewa at Nanaksar, he would recite Sukhmani Sahib path at the same time.

  4. Then there was the Pooranmashi of Maagh (January), and Baba Isher Singh Ji’s mother (Mata Partap Kaur) came to Nanaksar along with the sangat of Jhorran.  Baba Nand Singh Ji said to her, “Mata, you can take away the boy if your work at home suffers.”  Mata Ji replied that she has no regrets of leaving Baba Isher Singh Ji here with a great soul like yours and we consider ourselves very lucky.

  5. When Baba Isher Singh Ji came to Nanaksar as a hazoori sevadar of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj, Baba Nand Singh Ji said that Inder Singh is not a saintly name so he changed the name to Isher Singh. Baba Nand Singh would sometimes call for Inder Singh, and Baba Isher Singh Ji would come running.  However, Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj informed him that you should only come when I call you by your name, Isher Singh.

  6. After that, Baba Isher Singh Ji started the hazoori seva and never returned home.


  1. One time, a group of followers came from Amritsar, and Baba Ji asked them if they had any doubts or questions.  One of them said that there is no road to Nanaksar and there is no sarovar in this place to take holy bath.  Baba Nand Singh Ji said, “Time will come, there will be a huge sarovar and a huge Gurdwara, where followers visiting from a five to seven mile radius will be able to see the skyscraper building.  Sangat will be able to see lights from far away.  Also, he stated that there will be a road and a railway station at Nanakar in the near future.

  2. Once Rai Bahadur Sardar Narain Singh of Delhi, who was a millionaire contractor, and a great contributor to charities, came to Nanaksar for the darshan of Baba Nand Singh Ji. Nanaksar Gurdwara at the time was made out of mud and clay bricks.  He requested Baba Ji to allow him to do the sewa at Nanaksar Gurdwara.  However, Baba Ji didn’t pay attention to what he requested.  Then Sardar Narain Singh told Sardar Sampuran Singh, who was his friend and also a contractor, “Whenever I went to other places, saints were always after my money, however, today is the first time I’ve seen someone, who didn’t pay attention to my riches.”

  3. Similarly, Seth Ghanshiam Das Birla came to Nanaksar along with Goswami Ganesh Dutt and asked Baba Ji for the same sewa as Rai Bahadur Sardar Narain Singh.  Again, Baba Nand Singh Ji declined his offer.  Seth Birla proudly said to Baba Ji, that Baba Ji will not find someone like him, who was ready to spend millions of Rupees.  Baba Nand Singh Ji at once said, “Seth Birla, you’ll also not find a person, who will decline your millions.”

  4. Once upon a time, a sewadar wanted to create a memorial in Baba Ji’s name.  Baba Ji at once said, “Memorials are to be destroyed, and not to be created.”

  5. In 1941, there was another incident when a group of sewadars decorated a car and arranged for a band.  Baba Ji at once said, “What is the occasion, why is there a band and decoration?” He asked another sewadar to secretly run away from another door, because I’m not in favor of this decoration. (Page 34, 4th Parth)

  6. Baba Ji’s philosophy was that a married person needs money, but it is poison for a saint. Baba Ji said that a saint who accepts money is hanging a string of razors around his neck.

  1. It was a strict order of Baba Ji for all the sevadars to neither demand nor accept money from anyone.  His order was that a person, who gives money or accepts money will get strict punishment in the DARGAH. 

  2. In 1943, few sadhus came to visit Baba Nand Singh Ji and asked him if there will be any sewadar after you, because you have become old. Baba Ji at once replied, “If I make a sevadar like me, then what is the improvement?  I have made such a sewadar, that he will be competent to make many like me.