Departure Clues or Hints of Dhan Dhan Baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj Of Nanaksar


Sadh Sangat Ji, myself Balbir Singh, a humble servant of Baba Isher Singh Ji consider myself a truly blessed and fortunate individual to have not only had a glimpse of the supreme saints Dhan Dhan Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj and Dhan Dhan Baba Isher Singh ji Maharaj, but also being blessed enough to hold presence in their holy diwans on countless occasions. These experiences are ones which have shaped my existence and the blessings bestowed upon myself are those which I’ll cherish for this life and beyond.

  It was 1943 when Baba Nand Singh Ji departed for his heavenly abode. At that time, I was only 13 years of age, but as I was living in Jagraon (which is only 3 miles from the Nanaksar Thath) I was fortunate enough to witness the heavenly darshan of Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj many times along with the sangat of Jagraon.

Baba Nand Singh Ji Maharaj continuously told the sangat that upon his departure for a higher place, Baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj would fulfill the reigns and take full command of delivering the message of Guru Nanak Sahib. At the time of departure of Baba Nand Singh Ji, Baba Isher Singh Ji was only 27 years old, the elder sewadars felt a resentment towards Baba Ji as he had accomplished more in his short time than they did in many more years. Over time, this resentment and jealousy grew to the point that Baba Ji decided it was best for him to resituate outside of his birth village of Jhorran, and at this location he stayed for seven years from 1943-1950 and performed continuous recitations of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaj.

Even before Baba Isher Singh Ji moved to Nanaksar, he would constantly forecast the future and shower the sangat with clues about his impending departure. Baba Isher Singh Ji departed so suddenly in 1963 that everyone was greatly puzzled. Detailed below is an overview of a fraction of the hints which Baba Ji gave, but by no means is this close to being a comprehensive list as it only conveys the information I saw or heard first hand. With this said, there are unquestionably other indications which I’m unaware of. However, with this list and the conciseness of the information provided, I’m sure the message of describing Baba Ji’s heavenly forethought will be realized by the reader due to the sheer extensiveness of the information given by our holy Baba Ji.

The main purpose in me writing down some of the clues is that I am now 80 years of age and due to the interrupted nature of time, it’s vital that these experiences be recorded for the future. Considering that the main circle of witnesses to Baba Ji’s discourses is slowly withering down with each passing day, I have made a humble attempt to record this information first hand for all to understand.

Through my sharing of these narratives and bachans in the past, I have seen 1st hand how the bachans told by Baba Ji often get repeated only for the final message to bear little or no resemblance to the original bachans due to the cumulative effect of mistakes down the line. With this said I am going to narrate these bachans as seen and heard by myself through physically being present at Nanaksar and all the adjacent cities and towns during Baba Isher Singh ji’s discourses. Humble apologizes are offered by myself for any errors.

I thought of mentioning all those which I remember and which I listened myself from Baba Ji himself and in diwans, because all the old sangies of Baba Ji have already departed or about to depart. So I am going to make this humble attempt to record all these.

  1. The first hint which Baba Ji gave to the sangat was a short time after the departure of Baba Nand Singh Ji in 1943. At this time Baba Ji was experiencing great sorrow and tears would always roll down Baba Ji’s eyes on remembering the previous years. Baba Ji uttered that his final time is also very close and that he too is ready to succumb to a calling from above, because I got the Humaknama this morning “ JIN TUM BHEJE TINHE BULAIY SUKH SEHAJ SETI GHAR AAVO” (ang.678). (the one who sent you has now recalled you. Return to your home now in peace and pleasure).  Immediately after hearing these words, the sangat made a heartfelt request with folded hands as they too were immensely deprived by the departure of Vade Baba Ji. Upon hearing the sangats request, Baba Ji immediately ordered the start of an Akhand Path of Sahib Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and after  the bhog ceremony, Baba Ji said “Ok, Guru Sahib has accepted the request and given me 20 years more, however, he has instructed me to do a lot of work in this time.” This was the first hint, and this bachan was uttered in 1943. Upon the expiration of Guru Sahibs hukam, on the 20th year (in 1963), Baba Ji left for his heavenly abode. However, Baba Ji’s limited time was not a distraction from his main purpose, and through extending his time by 20 years, Baba Ji accomplished all the work of Amrit Parchar in such a haste that the sangat completely forgot about the first and original clue.

  2. Some of Baba Ji’s bachans (sermons) have been recorded and in these tapes Baba Ji continuously stressed that a lot of work needs to be done, but it is very difficult for him as Nirankar (God) has only given him a meager time quota. Again, these are further indications that Baba Ji was hinting about his impending departure.

  3. Baba Ji visited a lot of places in India as part of his Amrit Parchar and again there was a constant message that Baba Ji delivered was that the sangat was forever ready to take Guru Sahibs holy nectar, but that he himself had only a little amount of time to carry out these services.

  4. In 1963 at a local village, Baba Ji was delivering his holy bachans and stating the requirement to take Amrit. At this point, a sangi (follower) insisted upon taking it next time Baba Ji was to come back to the village, but at this request, Baba Ji replied “Take it now, as no-one knows whether the next time will come around or not” and after that Baba Ji didn’t visit that village and soon after departed for heavenly abode.

  5. Again in 1963 at a local diwan, Baba Ji remarked “I’m soon to move to a place, where no-one can see me or meet me and I’ll be in complete solitude.” Again, the sangat did not understand this message.

  6. Another time in 1963, Baba Ji stressed that “the time is soon upon us, when I’ll be able to see all of you, but none of you will be able to see me.”

  7. A few months before his departure, Baba Ji planned to go to Delhi to continue his diwans. After the Samampti Hukamnama of the program at Nanaksar, the usual program was that everyone would move towards the langar area and Baba Ji would proceed towards his assan. However, on that night, Baba Ji moved out towards the sangat and got hold of the microphone and said, “Never think that I am going to be far away. I will always be near you so be sure to come daily even after I leave”. The sangat assumed Baba Ji said this as he was leaving as part of his parchar, but still wondered why Baba Ji had never made such a declaration before. This was another clear hint that things would soon change.

  8. Baba Ji stated in his diwans that a Puran Mahapursh (a true saint) can be recognized by the way he leaves this world. Baba Ji stressed that a true saint doesn’t suffer or delay the inevitable and instead leaves in a second the world’s left in astonishment wondering what happened. To further illustrate these examples, Baba Ji stressed that a true saint moves to heaven instantly and he gave some examples of how instantly a puran mahapursh leaves this world as follows:

    1. When there are two rooms and these rooms have a single door in between them. If a person wants to move from one room to the other, how much time will it take to make the journey? In the same way that it takes virtually no time to switch rooms, a Puran Mahapursh takes even less time when moving from one place (Earth) to another (Heaven).

    1. When a person switches shirts to remove one and wear another, it takes very little time. In this same way, when the shirt of life needs to be changed, a Puran Mahapursh will not even take a second to depart.

    2. When a snake slips its body out from its outer skin, the outer part of the skin (kanj) is not at all broken and is fully intact. This is astonishing that the snake does this without the assistance of any hands or feet, so how could he leave a complete body without any damage (not at all broken or torn). In this same way, a Puran Mahapursh leaves everything in place and leaves the world wondering what just happened.

    3. When a horse is ready and the rider has one foot in the ‘rakab’ of the saddle. It takes very little time to move the other foot into the other rakab. In this same way, moving over the boundary from one place to another takes even less time than this for a Puran Mahapursh.

    4. If an elephant was to have a thread tied around its neck, how much time would it take for the elephant to break the thread? Of course, this is an effortless task for a being with such power and in this same way, it’s again an effortless task for a Puran Mahapursh to break the thread of life and move to another realm.

    5. Finally, Baba Ji stressed that he is waiting for the order of Baba Nand Singh Ji and when Baba Ji receives hukam to come, he’ll not wait even a single second and the matter will be trivial. With this bachan in mind, when Baba Isher Singh Ji departed on October 7, 1963, he did so in the blink of an eye, and in a split second Baba Ji had merged in to a higher place.

  1. Baba Ji gave another hint. He said a few days before his impending departure, that a newly married couple was traveling in a train. As they got down at their respective station, the wife placed a long cloth (ghund) around and over her face in order to cover it (like a security blanket – so no-one would see her). As she did this, her husband said, “please wait here, I am going to get some food from a nearby restaurant and bring it back for us”. At this point, a robber was standing nearby. He overheard the conversation and upon the departure of the husband, he said to the lady, “ Let us go to our village we will have food there”. The lady with her face covered went with the robber and along the way, he looted everything. After giving this example, Baba Ji informed the sangat that they, “must be alert as the time is soon approaching when a lot of impostors will crop up in the absence of a master. I will not be here and they will loot everything so be cautious.” This was another clear indication of the imminent future.

  1. Many times in his diwans and during regular congregations with individual members, Baba Ji remarked to the sangat that “they must not be impatient. Have patience as I will definitely be with you” (meaning, alongside you both now and in the future). The sangat did not understand why Baba Ji was saying this as he was in perfect health.

  2. It was on Sunday, October 6, 1963 when Baba Ji delivered his final bachans to the sangat at Nanaksar. At this program, Baba Ji started his bachans at 7.05 p.m. and finished exactly two hours later at 9.05 p.m. Detailed below are some of the hints of his imminent departure which Baba Ji offered that night:

    1. During this last discourse, there were around seven doctors seated in the diwan including my father, the respected Dr. Sant Singh Ji, Dr. Kulwant Singh, Dr. Channan Singh and other doctors from Amritsar who made the special trip to Nanaksar for the diwan. Here, even before Baba Ji approached his assan to begin his bachans, he immediately stated, “Doctor Sahib, “Sunao phir naven rabb diyan naviane gallan”(tell me the new bachans and words of the new master). At this remark, the sangat did not understand what Baba Ji meant as there was only one master of Nanaksar. This was the first clear hint of the day, and from this Baba Ji began his bachans with the strongest of indications.

    1. After Baba ji, took the seat at his assan, he turned to Dr. Channan Singh and said “Doctor Sahib what is the meaning of this verse (sentence) in Gurbani,” “KAL KAATI RAJE KASAEE DHARAM PANKH KAR UDRIA,” to which the doctor replied, “the dark age of Kalyug is the dagger. Kings are the butchers; and righteousness has sprouted wings and flown away”. Baba Ji replied, “Doctor sahib, tell me something. If there is a sick patient in a village then we take him to the doctor for treatment, but if the entire village becomes sick, then the doctor hurries to the village to treat all ailments”. From this, Baba Ji continued, “Doctor sahib, the time is coming when Dharam (religion) will vanish and Irreligion will be rampant and groupism will become the most important to the people and all of mankind will only care about money.” However, Baba Ji reassured the sangat “do not worry, when such a time comes, righteousness (religion, dharma) will come to the rescue with flying wings and recues the religion”. With this said why all of a sudden did Baba Ji start talking about the future and explaining that some dark times were soon approaching? This was another hint detailing that although there would be some hardships, Baba Ji would not leave the sangat in vain.

    2. On this day, Baba Ji also stressed that a true follower is one who never turns his face away from the Guru (teacher) even when he departs. With this said, Baba Ji was informing the sangat that once his calling had come, they should remain true to the lessons Baba Ji taught them.

    3. To further emphasize the point above, Baba Ji gave the example of trees and how they remain standing in the same place for decades upon decades. Baba Ji explained how a tree is standing on its head (the roots), while it’s legs (the branches and leaves) are up in the air. However, despite being upside down, the tree does not leave its place, even when the most horrendous weather approaches. Baba Ji stressed that a tree is so loyal to its turf that even if a severe storm approaches, the tree would rather break into two pieces and break itself rather than leaving its founding place. From this example, Baba Ji again addressed the sangat and said, “bad times are fast approaching, so be careful. You are standing on your legs (unlike trees), so make sure you don’t disown your founding grounds in search of something you’ll never find. Keep standing on firm footing and do not run this way or that way. Stay true to your roots and stand firm and hold your ground, if you continue to do this, your Guru will definitely embrace you”.

    4. On this same day, Baba Ji gave an example of how Guru Gobind Singh Ji said, “ BHAV BHOOTH BHAVKH BHAVAAN SADA SAB THOR SABE THERAVENGE -- BHAV BHAAR A PAAR NIVARAN KO KALKEE AVTAR KAHAVENGE -- BHAL BHAAG BHAYA EIH SANBHAL KE HAR JOO HARMANDIR AAVENGE” Baba Ji elaborated on this verse and said, “Here, Guru Sahib has said the word “Kalkee,” but the use of a more solid word such as “Kalgee” would’ve made the sentence stronger. So, did Guru Sahib make a mistake? Of course not, our Guru Sahib could never be wrong, and this tuk (verse) means that in the future, our Guru Sahib will return in such a haste that everyone will say “KALKEE SI” (what was yesterday) and be astonished at the change that has come today (in a single day). This is why the word “KALKEE” is used.”(KALKEE MEANS KAL KI SI AND AJJ KI HO GIYA).

    5. When a husband leaves and is no more, then it’s the duty of the wife to remain loyal to her husband and to never think of another man in place of her husband. With this said, Bhagat Farid Ji has said, “Those who are known as happy soul brides do not look towards others”. So, Baba Ji’s bachan further illustrated this fact, and once again the sangat were unsure as to why Baba Ji was talking about remaining true to your Guru in the same way a widow is true to her husband.

  1. Baba Ji never proclaimed any ownership of anything in this world – not even the Thath and Gurdwara’s he established from the ground up. Baba Ji, said that those who thought of it as his possession were mistaken as he was not going to leave the Thath to anyone. However, Baba Ji said that he’ll allow whoever wants to take the Thath to do so, but only under the condition that the person possesses two essential qualities. Baba Ji said that he has thrown the ball into the open ground and said that anyone who has the specific qualities would be able to pick up the ball and take control of the Thath. Baba Ji that these two essential qualities are:

    1. One who thinks of and sees every woman as his own mother.

    2. One who is not after money and has zero regard for it.

  1. The next bachan Baba Ji stated was again in regards to a potential successor, to which Baba Ji exclaimed “I have taken control of this seat with hard devotion and prayer. If anyone wants to take this seat away, go ahead, but he will need to do so with a greater devotion towards his sacred Guru.”

  1. Baba Ji asked the head ragi at Nanaksar, Bhai Kehar Singh Ji, to “never ever think that I have gone away as I will always be sitting before you and listening to your Kirtan.”

  2. Baba Ji stated how a magician shows many tricks and often he makes many dollars out of one dollar by his trick. However, after the show, this same magician is walking around asking for donations from the spectators as he’s merely an imposter who can impress you in a few simple ways. In this same way, Baba Ji warned that there will come a time soon when there will be many impostors who can impress with a few tricks, but in the end, they’re only in the business of collecting money.

  3. Baba Ji told a story that there were four impostors (false gurus) who made a scheme to rob their followers for a monetary gain. In doing so, they decided to partake in a geeta recitation (religious scripture), To start this con, they started the recitation but since they were uneducated, they knew that they would have to come up with a fake way of reading the scripture. Therefore, the first one began his turn by two hours of reading in which he stated, “geeta is reading me and I am reading geeta”. Next, the second ones turn came around and he recited, “I am reading the same thing, which the first one recited”. Then the third ones turn came and he kept reciting, “how many times can we continue to fool the people” Finally, the last one’s turn came and he recited “we will carry on to fool  the people as long as we can”.  Therefore, Baba Ji warned that there will be such a time when even the most religious and important rituals will be sacrificed by impostors in order to make nothing more than a monetary gain.

  4. After stating this story, Baba Ji explained how, “There were 22 impostors during Guru Sahibs time but soon in the future you will see many multiples of 22” (more imposters acting as religious men).

  5. Baba Ji also stressed that the time is coming when lies will prevail upon truth, but that the sangat should not worry as Guru Nanak Sahib has said, “FALSEHOOD WILL COME TO AN END, O NANAK AND TRUTH WILL PREVAIL IN THE END”. Baba Ji was reassuring the sangat that they should not lose faith as in the end the truth will prevail.

  6. While coming back from Dehradun in August 1963, Baba Ji stayed for some time at Shahbad. Here, Baba Ji asked Bhai Kehar Singh Ji (Head Ragi of Nanaksar) to make these three NEW DHARNAS (SHABADS):




    All of these Dharna’s clearly point towards Baba Ji impending departure as they all dealt with moving to a higher place and seeing the true universe.

  1. When Baba Ji made his mind to proceed towards Delhi for the last time, the ragis recited the following dharna “CHARNA DE KOL RAKHIO DUUR NA JAYO BABA JI.” (Keep us close to you Baba Ji and don’t ever leave us.) To this, Baba Ji remarked, “When a crop gets lots and lots of water, the crop withers away”. However, if it withers in drought, it again sprouts up when it gets water. No one knew what this meant, but Baba Ji was stating that he has to leave for awhile.

  2. When Baba Ji came back from Delhi to Nanaksar, he remarked, “NIRANKAR CALLED ME TO HIS ABODE RIGHT IN DELHI, BUT I REQUESTED TO LET ME GO TO MY OWN PLACE (NANAKSAR)”.  Again, the sangat did not understand this most obvious hint.

  3. In September 1963, when Baba Ji was planning to partake upon a journey to Shimla, he proceeded to enter the car on the same side he always would do. However, since the car was a new car, and was a Chevy Impala imported from America, the passenger seat was on the right side contrary to that of Indian vehicles. After seeing Baba Ji proceed to the standard side, the driver requested, “Baba Ji the seat has shifted, it’s on the other side,” to which Baba Ji repeated, “Achha Bhai Seat Badal Gayee” “Achha Bhai Seat Badal Gayee” (Ok, the seat has changed, ok, the seat has changed). No one understood it’s meaning, but Baba Ji was referring to the seat at Nanaksar.

  4. During the Barsi celebration of August 1963. A Giani started his speech with “Waheguru Ji Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh” and asked the sangat to reply with “Fateh,” but he received very little response. He continued speaking for a few minutes and again said the “Fateh” and asked the sangat to reply with “Fateh” but again there was very poor response. He spoke for 15 minutes more and kept reciting the “fateh” repeatedly. When Baba Ji got hold of the microphone for his discourse, he said “When two people meet, they say Fateh and then when they part different ways, they again repeat the Fateh. Baba Ji stressed that the only time one should say Fateh is when two persons meet and then when they depart. Baba Ji always ended his every bachan with “Lok Sukhiea Parlok Suhele, Nanak Har Parbh Aape Meleh”.  But when he finished his last Pooranmashi’s  bachan on October 3rd, 1963, he proclaimed loudly “WAHEGURU JI KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH”. That was clear indication that it is time for him to depart.

  5. During August, 1963, Baba Ji said in his diwan, “What can I tell the sangat? Many feet of water is rushing forward and the water level is rising. Baba Nand Singh Ji is trying to obstruct it, and places a rock to hold the water back, but even that cannot stop it. The coming times are very dreadful but yet, I have only told you 1% of what’s going to happen. If I were to tell you the whole truth, then many people would be so shocked that they’ll suffer a heart attack at once as the news is so dramatic”.  Here Baba Ji detailed another hint of the future, and the water in the example is that of the raging river waters of Hari Ke Pattan.

  6. Many times, Baba Ji stated that “When a Puran Mahapursh (true saint) is going to depart, immediately he returns to his original place. It does not matter where he is, he makes it essential that he arrives at his original place before departing.” So, when Baba Ji decided to come back to Nanaksar from Shimla and Pinjore garden on September 27, 1963, the sangat at Chandigarh repeatedly requested Baba Ji to give a month or a week (or even a single day to them). However, Baba Ji said “you are requesting a little time, but you fail to realize, that I have absolutely no time at all.” “SAADE KOL TAN KACHI GHARRI BHI NAHIN”.

  7. Baba Ji again stated how there will be many impostors that will be imitating Guru Sahib, but warned the sangat that they will be far from the true teachings and therefore, the sangat shouldn’t be fooled into expecting anything from them.

  8. Baba Ji shared with the sangat a story about a jackal that tried to imitate a lion and attempted to catch hold of a horse. However, the horse reacted in an instance and hit him so hard that the jackal cried “never in my life will I try to imitate a lion from now on”. With this said, Baba Ji stressed that the moral of the story is that there will be many impostors who will try to imitate the real Guru, but ultimately, they’ll fail miserably.

  9. In another example, Baba Ji compared real gold with fake gold. Baba Ji stressed that many mistake fake gold for real gold, especially since it looks the same, and at times even shines more than real gold does. However, you cannot pass off the fake gold forever, as it takes a real jeweler seconds to expose the true reality. Baba Ji stressed that the imposters will be exposed in due time and quoted Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji’s tukh which says “He stands exposed, like a counterfeit coin, when inspected by the Lord” (Ang. 381).

  10. At the end of every discourse, Baba Ji said “Have company of those that ask you be faithful to your Guru and avoid those who take you away from your Guru. Surrounding yourself in their company will result in you losing everything”.

  11. Baba Ji said that during the rainy season a lot of mushrooms arise from the weather, but when the hot sizzling sunshine comes up, they all vanish in a second. Baba Ji stressed that the imposters will be demised in a second and vanish instantly once the real sun (Guru) comes up.

  12. During October 1963, there was debate in India regarding the adding of an extra month according to the BIKRAMI CALENDAR. At this confusion, some pundits said that the festival of DUSSEHRA AND DIWALI should be celebrated in October and some said this should be celebrated in November. Regarding the issue at hand, Baba Ji used it as another example to tell the sangat about the exact date of his departure.  Taking a deeper look, look at the clear indication Baba Ji gave. When speaking of the exact date of his departure, Baba Ji said, “DO NOT GO AFTER THE PUNDITS, WHO SAY THAT DUSSEHRA AND DIWALI SHOULD BE CELEBRATED IN NOVEMBER. OUR DUSSEHRA AND DIWALI ARE THE SAME AS BEFORE. REMEMBER THAT. DON’T FORGET.” Baba Ji repeated this words three times to make it clear to the sangat, however no-one understood the meaning again. When Baba Ji departed for his heavenly abode on October 7, 1963 the bhog of his Dussehra day was on October 16, 1963. After the bhog ceremony, I left Nanaksar towards Jagraon along with my friend Gurdev Singh, and we were extremely puzzled to see so many lights on in and around people’s homes at Jagraon. Finally, we asked someone for the reason, and he told us that “it is Diwali today.” We were astonished as again Baba Ji had given the clearest indication, stating how “OUR DUSSEHRA AND DIWALI” will be the same!

  13. I will again share with you my personal experience. When Baba Ji came to the Puranmashi Diwan on October 3, 1963 and sat down on his assan, I was sitting directly behind Baba Ji. At this point, I thought in my mind, “When Baba Ji comes to the next Puranmashi, he will have a “Loi” (blanket) over him, as it will be cold. Immediately after this thought crossed my mind, Baba Ji rose up in a second, went inside and when he returned he had a “loi” over him. Why would Baba Ji do so immediately I wondered, the reason, because Baba Ji knew he was going to depart a few days later and that there would be no “next Puranmashi.”

  14. On the October 1963 Puranmashi, Baba Ji continued to emphasize the fact that he had very little time remaining now. Baba Ji stressed this over and over again.

  15. While Baba Ji was at Shimla during September 1963, he said to his sewadar Jang Singh, “Jang, those are the hills of HEMKUND right in front of us. I would like to go there soon.” To which Jang Singh replied, “Baba Ji, let us go now”. However, Baba Ji said, “No Jang. Let us go to Nanaksar first, we’ll have the Puranmashi there and then we’ll depart for HEMKUND”. This was another clear indication that Baba Ji was ready to merge with a higher source as four days after the conclusion of the Puranmashi program Baba Ji made his supreme departure.

  16. During October, 1963, Baba Ji asked Kanwar Sahib while going for a walk in the morning, “which type of death, would you prefer? A person lying on his death bed in pain for many days before his death, or one which comes with no pain, in a single instance?” To this, Kanwar Sahib replied, “Baba Ji, I’d like the second one”. Baba Ji said, “I also prefer that.” On October 7, 1963, Baba Ji stayed true to his recommendation when he departed for his heavenly abode in a split   second.

  17. On October 6, 1963, Baba Ji’s sister came to Nanaksar with family. After talking to them for some time, Baba Ji ended the conversation and said, “Ok, now it is my time to depart.” Baba Ji always said after the sangant had the darshan, “ACCHA BHAI CHALO HUNN” but on that day, Baba Ji said “ACCHA BHAI HUNN ASIN CHALDE HAN”.

  18. On this same day, I came to Nanaksar to have darshan of Baba Ji alongside my father, respected Dr. Sant Singh Ji. Upon approaching Baba Ji’s charna, we were told by Baba Ji, “Doctor sahib, be sure to come regularly after I depart and make sure you do not skip the sewa of this place” (Jhaaroo Di Sewa). We agreed, but had no idea what Baba Ji meant by his suggestion.

  19. On October 6, 1963, Dr. Harcharan Singh of Amritsar came to Nanaksar along with Dr. Kulwant Singh who was his class fellow. Dr. Harcharan Singh requested that he’d like to perform a complete medical and physical check-up on Baba Ji. To this request, Baba Ji remarked, “Doctor Sahib go ahead and do the check up, but please know, that I am ready to depart”. (SANOO TAN DARGAH TON SADDA AIYA HOYEA HAI).The doctor did not think anything of Baba Ji’s remark, and told Baba Ji that he was in complete health. The next day when Baba Ji departed, Dr. Harcharan Singh mentioned the following in his letter to Dr. Kulwant Singh (See attached letter - Dr Harcharan Singh's Letter).

  20. Baba Ji went to Amritsar two days before his final departure. During Baba Ji’s way back to Nanaksar, he passed Hari Ke Pattan and told the gardener there, “This is a beautiful place and I intend to stay here shortly.” It was at this location that Baba Ji’s body was immersed into the river upon his calling from heaven.

  21. Baba Ji said during one of his final diwans that, “Gaddi and Goad (lap)” have the same beginning. But, people should not get confused between the two, and should not go after the Gaddi (Guru’s seat), and instead they should always stay in his blessed arms and lap of their Guru’s goad (lap). Baba Ji explained that in the future, those who go after the Gaddi (Guru’s seat) will see the consequences in the worst way and they will suffer a lot.

  22. Baba Ji stressed that the future would unravel in such a way, that the Hukamnama of Nanaksar would be broadcast throughout the world. At the time, no-one could comprehend something so advanced.

  23. Baba Ji also stated that there are those who say that Sikhi will soon vanish, but those persons who hope to see Sikhi vanished will be annihilated themselves.  Guru Sahib has said, “ABCHAL NEENV DHARI GUR NANAK NITNIT CHARRE SAWAEY”(ang. 500). (Guru Nanak laid the immovable foundation, which will go higher and higher each day. So Sikhi will flourish day by day).

  24. Two days before Baba Ji’s departure,  S. Khushal Singh of Jalandhar and S. Mukhtiar Singh of Samadh Bhai asked “Baba Ji, there were a lot of hard times experienced after the departure of Baba Nand Singh Ji and we’re worried about what’s going to happen in the future.” To this, Baba Ji replied “Do not worry, the future will be fine and…”

1 - All the sangis will remain attached to Nanaksar.

2 - All the sewadars will be well off.

3 – Everyone and everything will always be in high spirits (Chardi Kala.)

  1. On October 7, 1963, S. Gurnam Singh Tir (The Senior Advocate of Chandigah) came to Nanaksar and requested Baba Ji to provide some ‘pathis’ (religious singers) as he is going to have a recitation of an Akhand Path at his home in Chandigarh. Detailed here is the conversation they had: Baba Ji: “From which side of Punjab have you come?”

Gurnam S.: “From Amritsar side”.

Baba Ji: “How was the water level at Hari Ke Pattan?”

Gurnam S: “Baba Ji, there was a huge flow of water.”

    Baba Ji: “You should delay the recitation of your Path and what was the water level at Hari Ke Pattan?”

    Gurnam S.: “Baba Ji, I am requesting for pathis and you are asking me again and again the water level at Hari Ke Pattan. I have already printed all the invitation cards and invited all of my relatives.”

    Baba Ji: “Ok, go ahead and have the pathis. And we’ll bring them back with a telephone call soon.”

    After this conversation, Gurnam Singh gathered all of the pathis in two cars and proceeded to take them towards his home at Chandigarh. However, at the moment they reached Chandigarh, there was a call from Nanaksar that Baba Ji had departed, so they all came back immediately.

  1. S. Mohan Singh who was a photographer from Dehradun came to attend Baba Ji’s final Puranmashi on October 3, 1963. Two days later, on October 5, he asked Baba Ji’s permission to go back to Dehradun, but Baba Ji asked him to stay. The next day, he again made the same request and Baba Ji again asked him to stay. The next day, he made another request to which  Baba Ji said, “Ok, if you insist, you can go now. We will send a telegram to bring you back”. When S. Mohan Singh reached Dehradun, his wife handed him a telegram the moment he entered the door which was sent from Nanaksar. In this telegram, it was mentioned that Baba Ji had departed for his heavenly abode. S. Mohan Singh came back to Nanaksar with a heavy heart as he was given an indication beforehand which he failed to understand.

  2. During his final bachans during the diwan on October 6, 1963, Baba Ji said to the sangat “let me tell you a strange yet amazing thing. During my whole life, I have never touched or seen a currency bill”. The next day, Baba Ji departed for his heavenly abode. This was another clear indication as Baba Ji was talking about his ‘whole life’ as if it was near completion.

  3. On October 7, 1963 Baba Ji came out after the morning diwan and asked every behangam (sewadar) to be very particular and to ensure that they have no more than two cholas (shirts) and no more than two kachheras (shorts) at any time. Again, Baba Ji was explaining how the sewadars should live their lives in the future.

  4. After the previous bachan, Baba Ji went to the main gate of Nanaksar and placed his hands on the gate of Nanaksar and shook it back and forth before remarking “Our gate is strong, No one can break it in the future”.

  5. Baba Ji also stated that there are many who light the earthen lamps inside a room, but Baba Ji stated that our lamp is on the roof of the Nanaksar Thath and although many storms and hard times will come in the future, this lamp will not be extinguished. Furthermore, Baba Ji stressed that the people who try to extinguish it will be destroyed themselves.

  6. S. Kartar Singh of Gobind Garh came to Nanaksar during Baba Ji’s final days and requested Baba Ji to visit Africa. He requested Baba Ji that he would take care of all tickets and passports etc, but Baba Ji said “though you have come to Nanaksar with a single, and special purpose, but he has absolutely no time at all”.

  7. During the last week before his departure, Baba Ji visited many villages. During his absence, my own personal duty was to relay Baba Ji’s bachans in the diwan every Sunday. Many sangies requested to play the bachans at the tape recorder because Baba Ji had gone to many villages. We were listening to the bachans attentively, when Baba Ji came back. We stood up. Baba Ji listened to his bachans for a few minutes then he said “okay listen to these the same way in future”. (AGGE WAASTE EHHI LA LIA KARO”. And immediately went inside to his aasan. This was a clear indication that he is going to depart.

  8. During Baba Ji’s final diwan on October 6, 1963, Baba Ji mentioned another hint and said,  “coming into this world and going out is the way of life”.

  9. On the day of Baba Ji’s departure on October 7, 1963, some students of the JBT class came to Nanaksar. They arrived only an hour before Baba Ji left his physical form, and when Baba Ji met with the students, he spoke with them and raised his left hand and put it on his right arm and said, “Do your nitnem daily. This body can go to its heavenly abode anytime”. This was another clear hint, as here Baba Ji touched his own body, and although the students thought Baba Ji was talking about them, he was talking about himself and how he could leave anytime.

  10. Baba Ji told the example about how a guy once came to Baba Nand Singh Ji and said, “Baba Ji there is a lock, and you can easily open it with a key.” To this Baba Ji said, “A key can open the lock, but it can only do so if it’s actually a real lock. But, if we push a key against a stone then the key will break itself.” Then, from this Baba Ji elaborated, “Now tell me, when a lock is made, it obviously has to go through many stages. Therefore, If a complete lock is there, then it takes no time to open it”, meaning there should be a complete spiritual being to propagate Guru Nanak Sahib mission.

  11. Similarly, Baba Ji stressed how many people say, “Baba Ji there is an earthen lamp please light it”. But Baba Ji said “Think for a second how the earthen lamp is made. First of all, it needs a special kind of clay. Then, it has to go through many stages to be formed, shaped. And then how the oil can be extracted and how a wick can be formed”. Now when the lamp, the oil, and the wick is ready, only an intelligent person can light it as some persons extinguish the flame before lighting it due to their own ‘ego’ (“HAWAAR” – through breathing on it.) Therefore, there should be special kind of clay and a person should have a wick of the highest morality and oil of virtues with so many births. But, if there is a shortage of oil (or virtues) we can add it but a wick of highest morality must be there.

  12. The final example is that when some people bring an empty pot. They say, “please fill it will Vastu”. However, Baba Ji remarked that although their logic “is right, if the pot is broken and is then mended, people will still look at the fixed and patched spot before looking at the pot and that these imperfections can never be removed.” Therefore, all of these bachans were directly pointing at the next pot (or person) to take the reign at Nanaksar, and how their imperfections would be pointed out if they did not have the correct qualities.

  13. When Baba Ji returned from Dehradun in late August, 1963, a day before the start of the Akhand Paths at Nanaksar, Baba Ji arrived at approximately 5.15pm. I was there when Baba Ji arrived as were other members of the sangat. Baba Ji remarked that in future, he “will not go to the different places, but instead, will send two of them to this side, and two of them to that side so they can continue preaching. However, I will always stay here”.

  14. On October 6, 1963 in his last bachans, Baba Ji remarked, “if you have any problem, pray before Guru Granth Sahib Ji and even if I am not here your prayer will reach me” that was another clear hint.

  15. On October 4, 1963 there was a katha from Teeka Sahib taking place. During this katha, a shabad came on which said “BIN SADHU JO JIWNA TETHON BIRTHARI” meaning that “LIFE, WHICH HAS NO CONTACT WITH THE HOLY IS COMPLETELY USELESS.”(Ang. 810). Here, Baba Ji asked the sewadar to stop and read the tukh (line) again and then to read it again a third time. After these repeated efforts, Baba Ji said, “The same shabad came in the Katha (program) three days before the departure of Baba Nand Singh Ji and during this time, Vade Baba Ji asked the sewadar to repeat it three times. Then, after only three days Baba Nand Singh Ji departed for his heavenly abode.” Then Baba Ji continued “I remember that time vividly, and that is why I have asked him to repeat it again three times.” No one understood what Baba Ji was saying and how it was a hint that history was soon about to repeat itself as after three days, Baba Ji departed.

  16. On October 6, 1963 after his last bachans, the ragis started to recite a shabad and immediately Baba Ji asked them to stop and asked them to recite a different shabad instead. Here, Baba Ji himself recited “MEIN MURAKH JANYA DOORI RE, GURU NANAK MERE SANG VASDA”. This was another clear hint that Baba Ji was about to depart for a higher place.

  17. On this same day when Baba Ji got up to go inside to his aasan. There came a Sardar whose name was Mistri Sher Singh of Moga, and he was there with three or four other people. When Baba Ji saw him and his colleagues, Baba Ji remarked to the one of them named Wahid (Sher Singh’s friend) that “Wahid, since you are so intelligent, why don’t you increase my life span?” Wahid replied, “Baba Ji, you can increase the life span of the whole world, so who am I to increase your life span?” Now, listen to the reply to this answer given by our holy Baba Ji. Considering that Wahid had a flowing beard, and open hair without any turban, and only a small piece of cloth to cover his head, Baba Ji amazingly remarked “WAHID, YOU HAVE COME HERE WITH OPEN HAIR. YOUR ARE LIKE A BRIDE WHOSE GROOM HAS DEPARTED FOREVER AND SHE IS TRYING TO LOCATE HIM IN THE JUNGLES AND CRIES ALOUD, “OH, WHERE HAS MY HUSBAND GONE, WHERE HAS MY HUSBAND GONE?” (HAI MERA PATI KITHE GIYA, HAI MERA PATI KITHE GIYA) After this remark, Baba Ji immediately went inside, and look how powerful these words are. Baba Ji’s last words of the diwan were the clearest of indicators detailing his impending departure – to which again, the sangat could not comprehend.

  18. As mentioned before, early in this summary, when my father, the respected Dr. Sant Singh Ji and myself came to Nanaksar on October 7, 1963, Baba Ji said “Doctor sahib, be sure to come regularly after I depart and make sure you do not skip the sewa of this place”(JHAROO SEVA). After hearing these words we left to go out.

  19. However, we had only taken a single step out of the gate of the Aasan, when Sewadar Inder Singh Hazooria came after us and said, “Doctor Sahib, Hurry up, come inside”. When we got in, we were shocked to see that Baba Ji had departed for his heavenly abode. This was astonishing as only a minute earlier, Baba Ji was in complete chardi kala and giving us bachans. Here I witnessed firsthand how Baba Ji’s hints of leaving in an instance indeed came true in the blink of an eye.

  20. During the last barsi of Baba Nand Singh Ji on August 1963, Baba Ji stated that “We have barsis of Baba Ji every year, but this time around it has become a BARSA”. This meant that it was a more prominent and bigger version of the previous barsis, and would be bigger than a barsi – because there will be another barsi of Baba Ji himself.

  21. After the barsi program of August 1963, Baba Ji asked all of the pathis to start 13 IKOTRIANS OF AKHAND PATHS (ONE IKOTRI = 100 AKHAND PATHS) but at this request the pathis politely refused. After the refusal of this request, Baba Ji said, “the time approaching is very dreadful. It would have been nice if you had just agreed. However, now you will do these paths while at the same time be crying aloud.” This was indeed the case, as when Baba Ji departed, all felt so sorry for refusing Baba Ji’s request and there were 17 IKOTRIANS.

  22. Another time Baba Ji stated, “THAT ONLY HE IS CALLED A PURAN MAHAPURAKH, WHO DEPARTS IN SUCH A HEAVENLY WAY THAT EVERYONE IS SHOCKED”.  “KIYA JANNA KIV MAREHNGE KAISA MARNA HOYE JE KAR SAHIB MANNO NA VISRE TAN SEHLA MARNA HOYE”(ang.555). (what do I know? How will I die? What sort of death will it be? If I do not forget the Lord Master from my mind then my death will be easy).

  23. Baba Ji always stressed that Nanaksar is Guru Nanak Sahib’s earthly abode and that the number 13 will forever be prevalent here. With this said, Baba Ji came to Nanaksar in 1950 and departed in 1963 - after exactly 13 years. There are multiples of thirteen of the stairs which go up to the Guunbad (tomb) at Nanaksar. There are thirteen steps of Nanaksar Sarovar. And you will be surprised to know that when Baba Ji’s palki moved to Hari Ki Pattan, everyone was distressed to see that it does not go under water besides a lot of efforts. But when the time was 13:13 (1:13pm) it disappeared in a second.

  24. Also, on this very same night, Baba Ji took the Hukamnama from the Sahib Guru Granth Sahib Ji which said “JEH JEH PEKHON TEH HAZOOR DUR KATOHS NA JAEE” which meant, “wherever I look, I see him there, and he is never far away” (Ang. 677), to this Baba Ji replied and said, “Don’t think that I will ever go far away, I will be with you always, no matter what happens.

  25. Dhan Dhan Baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj of Nanaksar Kaleran departed to His heavenly abode on October 7th, 1963. However, a month before that half the sky turned blood shed red at the time of sunset as never seen before. The sky stayed this way until Baba Ji departed from this world. This phenomenal event puzzled all the residents in the state of Punjab. A wise man around the area mentioned that sky turning red usually means a great Saint is about to leave this world. When Baba Ji departed, the sky went back to its normal state.

  26. On 6th October 1963, Baba Ji remarked, “Dhan Dhan Baba Nand Singh Ji allotted me the duty of Amrit Parchar, but Nirankar gave me a short time to complete it. Now I will be back with ample time then the Amrit Parchar will be done in this way that there will be two helicopters. The first helicopter will have Kirtani Jatha. It will land in a village and the entire village will come to listen to the kirtan then the second helicopter will arrive with Amrit Parchar Jatha and the entire village will have Amrit. In this way the Amrit Parchar will continue.






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